Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky 70cl


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The first and most famous of the Cutty Sark family, this blended scotch has been a worldwide whisky icon for the last 90 years. It’s safe to say that being around for nearly a century means we really know our stuff.

Cutty Sark is an easy-to-drink blended scotch whisky, which is light in colour and flavour (but heavy on the fun). It was created for mixing with mates – without overwhelming anyone’s taste buds!

Tempting; golden and bright. Cutty Sark is smooth; vibrant, sweet and uplifting – trust us, you’ll want more.

Clean; balanced and lively with vanilla and citrus fruits. It’s accessible; fresh and enticing with subtle hints of vanilla ice cream and caramel.


40 %


70 cl

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